Welcome to Dax’s new website!

Thank you for visiting Dax’s website. We are currently under construction as we changed host providers. I’m excited to announce the addition of a new e-store for fans to purchase Dax’s CDs. Please follow us on faceboook and check back soon for the latest updates.


If you are a friend of Dax’s and happen to have any pictures please share them! Thedaxjohnson@gmail.com

One Comment on “Welcome to Dax’s new website!

  1. Dax Johnson I first saw him with my son in the Tacoma mall about 13 years ago. My son at the time was about five years old, and was fixed on Dax. We listened for about an hour enjoying the music, when Dax took a break and said he would return. My son would not leave until he heard him play again. we waited for about 20 mins and I told my son that Dax must be tired and we would come back latter. About two hours latter Dax Johnson was gone. Keeping my word to my son we returned the following day. Dax Johnson was outside taking a break, I asked him if he was playing again because my son enjoyed his music. After Dax finished his break, what he did was shocking he asked my son if he would help him play a song. My son was so happy and of course he said yes but he did not know how to play. Dax smiled and said thats ok I will help you. We went inside and Dax put him on the bench next to him and started to play. they both played a few songs together, that just made me feel so good. I thought that I lost the cd that Dax signed and saying thanks for playing with me. I found it last month in my old cd collection. I just wanted to say thank you Dax for allowing my son to play with you. May God bless you and yours.


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